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The mediator will try to help bridge the gap and move towards settlement.

General arrangements provided by Harrisons Mediation include liaising with all parties and arranging a suitable venue and dates for mediation as well as coordinating the exchange of summaries and other documents.

Prior to mediation, both parties will be requested to provide a concise summary of their positions in the dispute together with all supporting documents and any other relevant documents which each party may want to refer to during mediation

At the mediation meeting itself, you may have your legal advisors with you or you may attend alone or with a friend or relative. Notification of numbers prior to the day will help with the allocation of rooms.

The mediator will usually ask all parties to attend an initial meeting where the timetable and process for the day will be explained. If the parties would prefer not to meet with each other during the day then this can be arranged and the parties can be split into separate rooms for the duration of the day.

The Mediator will speak to each parties separately, discussing fully each parties objectives and exploring avenues for settlement. These discussions are confidential and any part of them can only be discussed with the other party if you give your express permission.

The mediator will try to help the clients to ‘bridge the gap’ and move towards settlement

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